1. These are the general terms and conditions for all estimates unless stipulated otherwise in quotes.

2. All quotes are as per printed or electronic format submitted at time of your Request for Quote.

3. All corner radii, fillets, cast markings are quoted as per information submitted at time of your request for quote (RFQ).

4. Problematic corners will be made to a 3/64 corner radius.

5. Price and delivery subject to change upon re-evaluation of final 'build-to' file used for mold construction.

6. Electronic 'build-to' file required for mold construction. MCP will not alterate any model features.

7. Price is for a one-cavity manual mold unless otherwise specified in quote.

8. One injection point only is generally quoted for each part. More injection points may incur an extra cost if tool design results in overly complicated and elaborate work.

9. Any geometric modification requested by you will be charged extra and must be approved.

10. One configuration only unless otherwise specified in quote.

11. Interchangeable inserts will be discussed and charged extra.

12. Particular and specific shrink factors other than the uniform standard factors will be charged extra.

13. Large holes and bosses where a different shrink factor is requested will be charged extra.

14. A reasonable amount of standard, straight pull, tapered gates are included in the price, provided they are incorporated in the electronic file, prints or drawings. Any wedge-type or non-standard gate will be evaluated separately and not included in price.

15. Cast markings and logo locations must be specified beforehand and also with the Purchase Order prior to mold design.

16. Removable insert with the cast marking in case lettering gets changed will have an extra cost.

17. Recessed cast markings will be evaluated if requested.

18. Machine stock information must be supplied prior to mold design and will be added to electronic file by CP Molds unless informed otherwise.

19. Aluminum 7075 will be the primary material used for mold construction.

20. Small holes and all grooves are not included.

21. Approximately 1-1/2” material around part cavities will be maintained.

22. Fixtures, stainless steel SHCS, stainless steel threaded rods, or any other stainless steel hardware is not included.

23. Chicago screws are not included unless stated in quote.

24. Chill molds for wax and/or gates and/or solubles will be discussed and charged extra if required.

25. Ceramic molds will be evaluated individually and charged extra. Ceramic dies are not included in any quote.

26. Center key cores will not be tapered for easy removal.

27. Stainless steel tubing must be supplied by you.

28. Inserts, blocks or ergonomic mechanisms used for the sole purpose of aiding the operator, not having anything to do with the mold itself, will be charged extra.

29. All 3D mold designs, concepts and intellectual property belong to MCP and will not be transferred.

30. Written dimensional reports will be estimated upon request.

31. Your instructions and paperwork is required BEFORE a purchase order is issued to price additional and extra requests.

32. Any model changes or requests made after design approval will be charged extra.